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Don't wait for the unexpected, plan for it.
Forecasting and Budgeting
High winds, rain and snow will take their toll on any roof. And while you can’t know when these weather events will take place, you should know that you’re prepared for them. Otherwise you run the risk of unexpected roof problems interrupting your business, causing unhappy tenants, disappointed customers and severe financial loses for your business. The good news is a small investment in a regular program of roof inspections and maintenance can help you avoid and minimize unexpected and costly repairs. In fact, independent analysis shows that dollars spent on preventive maintenance programs deliver 300% ROI over time.
Repairs and Maintenance
Roof Replacement
Planned Maintenance: The best way to prepare for the worst
Brown Roofing’s planned maintenance is designed to take the worry out of roof asset management, while protecting and prolonging the life of your roof by:

• Providing predictable roofing expenses and lower overall costs.
• Helping you budget maintenance dollars and allocate capital replacements.
• Keeping your warranties valid and your roofs performing at their best.
• Tailoring a program to specifically fit your roof and your business.

Consequently, Planned Maintenance helps you avoid unexpected budget and roofing issues, facility downtime and premature roof failure or replacement.
Planned Maintenance:
1. Inspect - We examine the exterior roof system, noting all conditions including parapets and roof penetrations and documenting conditions to monitor in the future.

2. Clean - All debris is removed from roof surface, gutters, interior drains and through-wall scuppers to prevent ponding water that may cause premature roof aging and damage.

3. Maintain - As needed, we replace deteriorated sealant on metal flashings, top-off pitch pans, re-seal suspect flashing at equipment curbs and perimeters. We also secure drain clamps and rain collars at pipe penetrations.

4. Report - We provide a report of work performed, assessment of current roof conditions, including updated photographs.
Restore your roof and your confidence
Extreme weather, neglect, installation of new equipment can cause some roofs to show considerable wear, to the extent they fail before reaching their predicted usable life. But these roofs can be restored to a condition that is maintainable so they will reach their expected useful life, which in turn, delays the capital cost of major roof replacement.

As part of Our Planned Maintenance, we will make all the necessary repairs to bring your roof to a maintainable condition.
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